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Welcome to Thara Massage. Out staff, trained by Mr. Suwat, is using a unique method. The massage aim is to release blockages in client’s body. Unlike other Thai massage institutes, the method of Mr. Suwat is focusing on the gap between muscles. It is a less painful technique, and the result is much better, no bruises and quicker relief to the client. Our 2-hour massage enables you to relax while you are receiving a holistic massage.

The Process

The Basic Massage – Every massage begins with releasing the legs, arms and shoulders. Once the energy is flowing and the blood circulation is reaching all parts of the body, it is time to release the symptoms.

The Procedure –  For each symptom, whether it is a headache, a back pain or vertigo, there is a procedure which is a combination of massage, trigger points and the Thai energy lines knowledge from old times. It is a different approach which gives you maximum relief in a short period of time.


In our classroom, you will learn a whole new method of treatment from our successful research that you will never get from nowhere but here. Our unique knowledge will disclose things from the ancient time and, with this unified method of learning, it will strengthen your skill, ability, creativeness and synthesis thinking of how to work on hard-to-be-treated symptoms.

Award – Thara Massage Institute got the trophy award in “International Symposium on Local Wisdom and Improving Quality of life” for improving and modernizing Thai Traditional Medicine knowledge. It proved that our method can get along with the modern world. We also developed the method of treatment that becomes a big step of the country to help improving the quality of life of Thai people.

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“Of course this is no magic. In order to get a good result, the client has to visit Thara Massage several times in a few weeks or days, depending on the symptoms and how severe the pain is.”

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Our staff at Thara Massage can assist you with a variety of symptoms. We shall do our best to make your pain disappear. We will also teach you how to practice, so your symptoms do not come back.

Working Hours

WEEKDAYS 09:00-21:00
WEEKENDS 09:00-21:00
HOLIDAYS 09:00-21:00

Cost of massage and services

Whole body check up (120 Min) 600 Baht
Therapeutic Massage (120 Min) 600 Baht
Extend duration (60 Min) 300 Baht
WOMEncare (120 Min) 1,000 Baht
Home visit (Single time) Start from 1,000 Baht
Home visit (Course) Start from 850 Baht/Session

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