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Unleash the “En” Technique: Reviving Ancient Thai Massage

Led by the expertise of Mr. Suwat, Thara Massage Institute honors the genuine spirit of Thai massage through the esteemed “En” technique. Diverging from modern approaches that fixate on muscles, lymph, or fascia, the “En” technique reunites us with the origins of this timeless craft.

Resurrecting Traditions, Embracing Wellness

At Thara Massage, tradition lives on – not just in memory, but as a palpable experience. The “En” technique reconnects us with the foundational principles of Thai massage, where energy dynamics were as essential as the finesse of touch.

Unseen Pathways to Vitality

“En” traverses beyond the visible. It delves deep into the intricate matrix of energy pathways, revitalizing the underlying foundations of the physical. By nurturing these pathways, we synchronize your entire being, tending to not only physical unease but also the subtler dimensions of your well-being.

A Symphony of Rejuvenation

Imagine a massage that doesn’t merely alleviate discomfort, but also rekindles the vitality of your soul. Through the “En” technique, our therapists craft a symphony blending touch, stretches, and energy work, reestablishing harmony among your body, mind, and spirit.

Unveiling Ancient Wisdom

Engaging in a session with the “En” technique is akin to unearthing profound wisdom. Through the adept hands of our therapists, you trace the footsteps of ancestral healers, unraveling the intricate tapestry of energy flow that once formed the heart of Thai massage.

Rediscovering Essence

Thara Massage Institute invites you to rediscover the very essence of Thai massage – the “En” technique. Embrace this expedition into the past, where healing was an artistry of equilibrium and energy. Secure your journey today, and immerse yourself in the tapestry of Thai therapeutic wisdom that enriches generations.


Elevate Your Learning in Our Classroom

Embark on a transformative journey within our classroom, where a new realm of treatment unfolds through our groundbreaking research – a realm exclusively offered here. Our distinct expertise unveils insights from times long past, presenting a unified learning approach that empowers your skill set, fosters creativity, and nurtures your ability to navigate complex, challenging symptoms.

In this dynamic learning environment, you’ll encounter an extraordinary method of treatment that is a rarity in the field. Through our exclusive knowledge, we bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary practice, allowing you to embrace techniques not found elsewhere. This method resonates deeply with our commitment to innovation and holistic healing.

As you engage with our curriculum, you’ll experience a remarkable fusion of tradition and modernity, enabling you to approach intricate symptoms with a fresh perspective. This immersive learning journey nurtures not only your technical prowess but also cultivates your ability for synthesis thinking – a crucial aspect of addressing hard-to-treat conditions effectively.

Join us in our distinctive classroom, where ancient insights converge with cutting-edge research. Elevate your treatment methods, expand your capabilities, and unleash your creative potential. Your path to enhanced healing begins here.


Celebrating Excellence: Thara Massage Institute's Prestigious Award

We proudly announce that Thara Massage Institute has been honored with the coveted trophy award at the “International Symposium on Local Wisdom and Improving Quality of Life.” This esteemed recognition applauds our relentless dedication to enhancing and modernizing the knowledge of Thai Traditional Medicine. This achievement resonates as a testament to our ability to seamlessly integrate tradition with the demands of the modern world.

Our triumph extends beyond accolades – it’s a testament to our pioneering spirit. At Thara Massage, we’ve not only elevated traditional practices but also paved the way for innovative treatment methodologies. This accolade validates our pursuit of excellence and the significant contribution we’ve made towards improving the quality of life for Thai people.

Through our unwavering commitment to advancing the realm of Thai Traditional Medicine, we’ve harnessed a method of treatment that stands as a monumental stride for our nation’s well-being. Join us in celebrating this milestone and exploring our impactful programs that embody the convergence of tradition and modernity.

To learn more about our award-winning journey and explore our transformative programs, please view our programs. Together, let’s continue shaping a future where tradition and progress harmoniously coexist.

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Empowering Your Well-Being: Supportive Care at Thara Massage

At Thara Massage, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing assistance across a range of symptoms. Our commitment is simple yet profound – to help you find relief from discomfort. We’re here to ensure that your pain becomes a thing of the past.

But our dedication goes beyond momentary relief. We believe in equipping you with knowledge and tools to foster lasting health. In addition to helping you overcome current symptoms, we offer guidance on exercises and self-care practices. These valuable insights not only benefit you but also extend to your family members, creating a holistic approach that prevents symptoms from returning.

Embark on a journey towards wellness with us. Let our experienced staff guide you towards a pain-free life and provide you with the means to sustain it. Your well-being and that of your loved ones are at the heart of our mission.

To begin your transformative journey, Reach Out to us. Your well-being is a shared endeavor, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Cost of massage and services

Whole body check up (120 Min) 600 Baht
Therapeutic Massage (120 Min) 600 Baht
Extend duration (60 Min) 300 Baht
WOMEncare (120 Min) 1,000 Baht
Home visit (Single time) Start from 1,000 Baht
Home visit (Course) Start from 850 Baht/Session

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